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Wedding & Event Planning:

What makes 1 Elegant Event different from other wedding & event planning companies?

Our owner Cossie has lived and breathe everything weddings for over 20 yrs.   As a child her family ran a popular wedding planning business in Louisville, KY before the term wedding planner was really common. So, she was raised up in the wedding and event planning industry and it comes naturally to her. She have always really loved weddings, parties, putting events together, and helping to make sure every couples day is fabulous!  

A published author of a wedding helps book on Amazon.com. called, "Smart Wedding Planning!" She is a full time wedding & event planner.  Cossie is very dedicated and committed to her craft and always stays on top of what the industry has to offer! View many of our other accomplishments below. View 1 Elegant Event's  video client testimonial reviews!  You have one chance for a great wedding celebration, let our highly experienced and top rated planning service be their for you! 

What do I love the most about my job?
We love seeing our clienNo wedding is a "perfect" wedding, no matter how exceptionally planned it is which makes it exciting. Just like life isn't always perfect, you bought insurance and that is what hiring 1 Elegant Event for your event is! We are with you through the process to expertly plan all the details, and at your event to handle any surprises so you do not have too!  I so love it when my clients always come to me at every event and tell me how perfect it was and how they were so surprised they had no problems! That is how we know, we did our job well, we handle all the hidden isstssues for you, so you can enjoy! 

What is the best feedback we ever got?
How we handled all of their issues so well they did not know they had any. 
How they did not have to worry about anything because they new we had handled it all.
How they never had to look for anything because we provided the perfect referral to them. 
We love being the expert for you! 

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Celebrating 20 years of continuous 

professional experience! 

We provide: 

Wedding Planning, Proposal Planning, 

Event Planning and Event Management Service 

Providing Service in: 

Hampton Roads Virginia & Surrounding Areas

 Gulf Coast Alabama 

Louisville, KY 

& many other US States 

Experienced Destination Wedding & International Event Planner 

Where-ever you want your celebration to be, 

we'd be honored to help you create your spectacular elegant event!  


1 Elegant Event Wedding & Event Planning provides services for ALL engaged couples and all clients needing event planning services making sure every 1 Elegant Event client's celebration is equally fabulous and enjoyable! 

Some of our Awards and Recognition's

5x Winners! 

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016!!! 

2016 Wedding Industry Experts 

Award Winner Results

1 Elegant Event Wedding & Event Planning
1st in Alabama, 
7th in United States, 
30th Worldwide

1 Elegant Event Wedding & Event Planning
The #BestWeddingPlanner 

Best Wedding Planning Service:

1st in Alabama, 
16th in United States, 
35th Worldwide

1 Elegant Event Wedding & Event Planning
1st in Alabama, 
3rd in United States, 
26th Worldwide 

1 Elegant Event, the Exclusive Wedding Planner
for  I Do, Bridal and Formal in Mobile, AL & Montgomery, AL
  An acclaimed 5 Star PANACHE Luxury Wedding Resource Member   

 Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

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251-289-9451 or 


Email us at: 

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