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So, you are Engaged,


What do you do next?


Have many of the weddings you been too lately; been disorganized, started late, felt like something was missing…and you want to make sure that doesn’t happen at your wedding?

Maybe you  haven't attended many weddings?

Are you worried about hiring a wedding planner who is over controlling, not friendly, makes you and your guests feel uncomfortable and/or doesn't not have the no how or connections to make your dream day happen?

Do you want your wedding to be super fabulous, unique and personal…NOT the same old, run-of-the-mill, “cookie-cutter” wedding?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions…you’re in the right place!  I remember how tough it can be to find the right wedding planner who understands your style and desires.


How do I do I find my perfect Wedding Planner?

     1. They must have real wedding planning experience.

Training, certifications, licenses and awards are nice things for a wedding planner to have, and 1 Elegant Event has all of those, but with weddings, it's many moving parts and various unique dynamics, the person you choose needs to have actual wedding planning experience to know how to correctly navigate your individual planning process successfully! You want a planner that understands the job and can show you that they have had successful weddings! Click here to see our video testimonials!

     2. They must be able to think quick on their feet and be creative.

Ask them, "What are some mishaps that happened while planning or on the wedding day that you've had to be creative and fix quickly without causing a scene?" I'd love to tell you a few at your free consultation! 

    3. They must be an organized, detail oriented person / group. 

If they aren't organized and all about keeping up with details, how are they going to keep you focused and organized?

When you become a 1 Elegant Event couple and see your customized to your wedding planning binder, you'll see right away how organized and seriously detailed 1 Elegant Event Wedding Planning is, its awesome! 

    4. You must feel that they are listening, understand you individually, not classify you as just another engaged couple, and are easy for you to talk too! 

You will spend a lot of time with your planner and whomever they are must be able to listen to what you are saying, understand what you have said, and be someone you can really chat with! They will be excited for you, console you, and be for you with others may not. There are lots of details and emotional ups and downs when planning your wedding and you need to feel that you can talk to and trust the planner you choose. 

   5. They must be knowledgeable! 

Are they connected in the wedding industry? Do they know the latest trends and longtime traditions? Having a cultural, fusion, non traditional, or same sex wedding, and does that planner know about the various issues, events and details associated with it? If after you hired the wedding planner and had a question, would you be able to contact that planner and get a correct answer or would you still have to google and research?  

1 Elegant Events Owner Cossie has 20+ years of expansive professional wedding planning experience, once you become one of our couples, you will be able to call, text or email her and she will send you not only the correct answer, but the best answer for your wedding! 

Whether it is 1 Elegant Event Wedding & Event Planning you choose or another professional planning service, we hope our tips help you in finding your Perfect Wedding Planner! 

We'd love to chat with you about your wedding or event!

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